Lash Cream Remover 10ml

$12.00 incl GST

Our Lash Cream Remover, removes lash extensions quickly. Just let it sit for 2-3 minutes and watch all lash extensions come off easily. Just ensure that extensions are covered thoroughly with our remover for it to act quickly. Works well even with your most sensitive clients.

Our lash cream remover is one of the fastest debonder on the market. Not only is it fast acting but also hypoallergenic and does not run into clients eyes. This works well even on your most sensitive clients and it also smells wonderful. Of course our lash cream remover is GBL Free and comes in 10ml. Comes with an extra lid to keep freshness of remover.

◦ Fast acting (let sit for 2-3minutes)

◦ Cream texture

◦ Low irritant

◦ Vanilla scent

◦ Long lasting

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