I started my lash journey in January 2016. Little did I know that my hobby would become my full time job and worse my obsession. This obsession eventually grew into sourcing my own lash product line to provide amazing quality lashes at very affordable prices. I searched for the last 2 years to find the right products. I have been very picky to find truly amazing high quality eyelashes and to offer them at even better prices. 

I believe that high quality lashes and low prices can go hand in hand and Lashstreet is focusing on putting these together. While not everything is yet in stock, I am very close with perfecting the last part of my lash line and they will be launched very soon if not already available.

I hope that my endless search for the perfect eyelashes with even better prices will find you well. Unlike other brands, Lashstreet will stay affordable not just for the short run but long-term for everyone to purchase.


My story began when I first came across featherbrows. I instantly fell in love and thought maybe this is something I can do. Having absolute no beauty experience I signed up for my first eyelash extensions course instead. It was just a 1 day course with only 2 hours on a live model. After that I was good to go and start my lash journey, it was that easy.  Of course my training was terrible and I had to learn a lot on my own. I have since attended more lash training to refine my skills and techniques to offer the latest trends to all my students.

Having mainly experience in business (accounting and project management) running my own business became second nature.  I am glad to say I am able to pass on my experience and knowledge not only in lashing but also in business to newcomers and experts to our industry. Continuous learning is key to staying on top.

Lashstreet has some big plans ahead and I hope you will enjoy everything we will have to offer on this exciting journey.

Angela BCom, BFin