Adhesive Liquid Eyliner

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This is for all you ladies loving your strip lashes. Forget your strip lash glue or using magnetic strip lashes. Our liquid eyeliner already contains adhesive. That’s right. Our product combines both your lash glue and eyeliner in one product! Deep black colour to get those amazing dark liners and for those wanting something lighter, we also have Brown available.

We have already done the hairdryer test for you and our Liner with lashes don’t budge.

Say hello to long lasting, light lashes all day long! No more messy lash glue application, lashes lifting, and lash glue getting stuck between your natural lashes.

‘Love me Long time’ Adhesive Liquid eyeliner by Lashstreet features:

  • Felt tip for precise application
  • Waterproof
  • Available in Black and Brown
  • Latex free
  • Cruelty free and Vegan

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Shake your Adhesive Eyeliner, draw your liner and apply your strip lashes right away. No need to wait for your liner to dry. It is this simple.

Your liner only needs to be as thick as the band of your strip lashes.  If you prefer to wear very dramatic liners, you may want to use your own favourite liner first and then draw a thinner liner with our Adhesive liner afterwards. This allows for more wear applications.


Remove your strip lashes gently and store them away in their beautiful lash box. Keep the lash band clean to avoid build up residue. We suggest to clean the lash band after every few wears.

Just as it is easy to apply, your liner is also very easy to remove it. You can use any makeup remover and it will come right. Just remember our eyeliner is waterproof so your makeup remover will need to be able to take off waterproof makeup easily. Afterall we don’t want you having to rub your eyelids like crazy.


If you would like to retail our Adhesive eyeliner in your store, our minimum order starts at 5. Discounts will increase at higher quantities. Please inquire to find out more.




Black, Brown


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